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Ballkjole/Prinsesse V-hals Bane-tog Tyll Brudekjole
Farge: Som bilde
Dette er en ferdig kjole, den er skreddersydd og fotografert av JJsHouse.no. Alle rettigheter er reservert. Kopiering eller på annen måte reprodusering av dette bildet er strengt forbudt.
  • Ballkjole V-hals Bane-tog Organza Brudekjole med Profilering paljetter

    3 336 Kr

  • Ballkjole/Prinsesse V-hals Bane-tog Tyll Brudekjole

    2 944 Kr

  • Ballkjole V-hals Bane-tog Tyll Brudekjole

    2 199 Kr

  • Ballkjole V-hals Bane-tog Tyll Brudekjole med Profilering paljetter

    2 870 Kr

  • Ballkjole V-hals Bane-tog Tyll Brudekjole med Profilering

    2 525 Kr

  • Ballkjole/Prinsesse V-hals Bane-tog Tyll Brudekjole med Profilering paljetter

    2 758 Kr

Ballkjole/Prinsesse V-hals Bane-tog Tyll Brudekjole #127247


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Produktkode #127247 Silhouette Ballkjole/Prinsesse
Halsen V-hals Lengde Bane-tog
Stoff Tyll, Blonder Rygg Glidlås, Skjult Knapp
Helfôret Ja Innebygd BH Ja
Boning Ja Vist Farge Andre Farger
Størrelse Generell, Pluss Arstid Vinter, Vår, Sommer, Høst
Bryllupssteder Kirke, Hage / Outdoor Modellens kjolestørrelse US 2 / UK 6 / EU 32
Modellinformasjon Høyde:5.7ft Bryst:32in Midje:23in Hofter:33in Ermene & Stroppløs Vanlig Stropper
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4.7 (basert på 19 anmeldelser)
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I couldn’t have been happier with it especially for the price. It has 5 layers and it’s ever so comfortable. It has the most amazing detailing on the lace. Everyone loved my dress and they couldn’t believe it was so cheap.


The dress was beautiful, especially for the price I paid.

The V at the back doesn’t drop as low as it does in the picture but that worked in my favour.

Would definitely buy here again.

Thanks guys!


I customer ordered this dress and I love it. I ordered the white color and it looks beautiful!! I am going to order from JJ’s for all my dress needs!


This dress is so beautiful. I ordered the dress color in the picture. I was very hesistant about ordering it online, but Jjshouse did not disappoint. I am so ready to wear this dress for my wedding day!


I just recieved my dress today! I did the blush color! It's a little darker than I thought it would be, but I can't even begin to explain how happy I am with it! It's so gorgeous, and I cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day!! It's very good quailty, and I love the little details! Thank you so much! You can't beat a dress under $200 and only about three weeks for it to come to your house! I highly recommend this dress! Oh! I did my measurements before I got my dress and it fits like a glove!:) the only problem was I did have a little trouble with my zipper at first, but it was fine after I zipped it up and down a few times.


First I want to say, this dress is beyond gorgeous, and definitely worth the price.The full, flowing tulle layers are just lovely. I am a curvy girl, 5'7" 220 lbs, and this dress looks super flattering on aside from the shoulder straps / bust area being too large. I am kicking myself for not doing a custom size because the shoulder straps are too large and just flop down. This is totally my fault. Also, I really wanted to give this dress a five star but there were quite a few of the lace appliques that were not sewn all the way down.


This dress is just gorgeous and well fitted. It also arrived on time even though my order was a bit rush for them. Very happy of jjshouse service and they responded my request very quick. Well done!


This dress is SO beautiful. The lace is so well done and the tulle is actually so flowy and soft. I got custom sizing which was about $30 more but it fits perfectly and I can avoid the costly alterations at a typical bridal store. There was some delays in the making of the dress, it took about 5 weeks to make the dress and then 3 days for shipping. There are five layers at the bottom with a nice train. I am so so excited to wear this on my wedding day. Customer service was exceptional and gave updates when there were delays. I highly recommend jjshouse!

I couldn't be happier with this dress. I started out looking at different bridal stores and the prices were just ridiculous to me. I was of course skeptical about ordering my wedding dress online without trying it on, but for that price, I had to give it a try. I ordered my dress from jjshouse on 10/26 and it arrived 11/07. IT IS PERFECT!! I ordered a size larger than I normally would and it will need to be slightly shorter but it's great! Would highly recommend!

Beautiful dress and great price