Decorate Your Wedding Pet This Way…


You might be or not be an animal lover, but the one thing is sure – there is nothing cuter than dressed-up dogs on a wedding day. Since there are many ways you can include your pet to your big day, you can choose the one that suits you the most.

In an ideal world, everybody will take their dogs or cats to accompany them by the aisle. However, that is not always possible. There are many ways you can include your little ones in weddings – on a cake, on invitations, on different decor details. But, if you have the opportunity to have them at the reception, don’t hesitate to do that.

Before the Ceremony

You should always check with the venue planners and owners if they allow animals. Some ballrooms won’t allow you to bring your dogs or cats. Be prepared to hear something like that. Instead of bringing your pet inside, dress it up for photoshoot outside the venue.

Inform Your Guests

As you know, many people love animals, but there are also the ones that are not so fond of them being around all the time. So, you should inform your guests to know that your pet will be present on your big day.


Dress Up Your Pet

Pet clothes are simply adorable! You will fell in love with those little tuxedos, bows, and shirts! Yes, these things are all made for our little furry friends. Be aware, though – not all dogs and cats will feel nice dressed up. Find the best way to make them feel comfortable and not cranky.

Include them in Photoshoot

Imagine how nice photos will be with your partner and your furry little friend. Dogs and cats all dressed up will make you smile every time you look back at those photos and recall all the memories from that day. Instead of doing classic bridesmaids and groomsmen photoshoot, include your pet, and you will have fantastic and unique photos in the end.

Mention then in Ceremony

If you are not able to bring your dog or cat inside the venue, don’t forget to mention them in a speech or to dedicate them to some special song. Save them a seat, so you can have a feeling they are always present with you!


Dress them Up for the Aisle

Some brides prefer to have dogs by their side while walking down the aisle. This is great since all your guests won’t expect to see you two together. Put a bow or decorate it with flowers to match with the rest of the wedding theme. Note to yourself: make sure flowers are edible in case your dog eats them.

Dress Them For Sweet Table

If you have a sweet table or stationery where your guests leave notes, play games, etc., then you can have your dog there as well. Prepare them for photos by dressing them up to match the wedding theme and enjoy playing around with it.

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