Do You Want Cute Cake Toppers?

Picking a wedding cake can be equally demanding and stressful as choosing your gown. How should it taste? Well, evenly good as it looks! The cake should represent your style and compliment the theme of your wedding. Rustic theme – add some unfinished layers.

Cake toppers have come a long way since the bride and groom made of plastic. If you take a look at your parent’s wedding photos, you will find their toppers pretty generic, same as many others. However, luckily for all of us, today, the situation is changed.

Modern cake toppers carry messages, wishes, and represent a unique style of the newlyweds. You should pick them carefully – and here is a quick guide on how to do it.

Topper Material

Different cake toppers are made of various materials. It is on you to pick the material that matches the best with your style and theme of your wedding.

Acrylic Toppers

  • This type of topper might be the most popular one. However, it still has pros and cons. While it is very lightweight, it also tends to crack easily. They are great for design since you can customize it in the way you want to. They are usually put on a cake on the day of the wedding, to prevent the wreckage.

Wire Toppers

  • Unlike the acrylic toppers, the ones that are made of twisted wire are much more resistant. They look interesting and artistic. If you are thinking about leaving that kind of vibe, opt for a wire topper with a name or wishes.

Metal Toppers

  • Metallic cake toppers are the most resistant ones, but the biggest. You should be careful when choosing more than one since they can be massive and not fit with the cake.

Wooden Toppers

  • If you host a bohemian or rustic wedding, then wooden toppers are definitely for you. Silhouettes or name made of wood will perfectly fit your small wedding cake.

Ceramic Toppers

  • Traditional ceramic toppers are still very popular even among younger generations. They are great little things full of memory that you can save for later or give as a gift. Add them on the day of the wedding, to prevent damaging.

Topper Style

While some couples go for a traditional way of wedding and cake toppers (ceramic ones), others like to amaze guests with their creativity. You can switch the romantic bride and groom for the Lego characters or pick characters from your favorite movie or a cartoon.

Also, it is not rare to see animals instead of a couple at the top of the cake. Two bears or pandas will perfectly describe the love you feel about one another.

Think About the Message

Classic bride and groom at the top don’t say much – they are traditional and romantic. However, nowadays, couples tend to send some messages through their cake toppers. Maybe that is your favorite song, rhyme, or your most-loved poem. If you can fit it in a cake – go for it! Your guests will surely love to see something different.

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