How Much to Spend on A Wedding Gift?

Let’s start with this ultimate tip – only spend how much you can afford. When it comes to a wedding gift, the rule more expensive-the better doesn’t apply. Surely you don’t want your gift to look cheap, and you tend to buy something that the couple will love and use. But the question is – how to make a balance and not spend all your savings on the wedding gift?

We have prepared some tips to help you figure out how to buy a gift and how much you should spend on it, without losing all your money.

How Close You Are With the Couple

Along with your budget, you should take into account your closeness with the couple. An average gift should cost around $100 or precisely between $50 and $75. However, if you are attending a wedding of a close friend or relative, you should definitely spend a bit more. Some say that $195 is an average for siblings and half of it for your family members.

Traditional Etiquette

In some countries, people are thinking about traditional etiquette when they give gifts. This etiquette states that you should spend a bit more than an actual hosting price of the reception. For instance, if the couple is spending around $100 per person at their wedding, you should spend equal or more that amount.

Destination Wedding Gifts

When the couple decides to make their wedding out of town or even out of country guests are in doubt should they buy a gift. If the wedding is during peak season you must book a hotel, pay for a flight and other expenses while on a destination. That is already a big load for your budget. The bride and groom should be aware of the costs their guests are having to show up, so they shouldn’t expect any further gifts.

Wedding Gift Money

If you think your friends will appreciate some extra cash instead of a wedding gift, then don’t hesitate to give them. A wedding gift money is absolutely fine! Nevertheless, many couples live together before marriage, so they would surely know how to use the money you want to give them. Pack it in a beautiful envelope and give it to the newlyweds. Some of them even have a box where you can put it.

A Plus-One – Couple Costs

Many people wonder how much should they spend when they are taking a plus one. You are not obliged to buy any extra gifts if you are attending a wedding with a date or a group of friends. However, if you are close to the couple, you should double the cost – from $180 to $250.

Multiple Events Gifts

Depending on the country, gifts are usually expected at bridal, engagement, and shower parties. This automatically means you will spend a lot of your household budget. However, this doesn’t mean you should spend an equal amount of money on all these events. Divide it and keep in mind you should pay less for non-wedding gifts.

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