How to Choose Bridesmaid Shoes?

Brides often overlook how important it is to pick the right bridesmaid shoes. Unlike everything else, they should be perfectly comfy so your bridesmaids can run from one place to the other (to help the bride) without tripping or being in pain.

Brides are faced with endless options when it comes to bridesmaids dresses and accessories. However, when picking the shoes, you must be aware that none of your bridesmaids are the same. Let comfort be in the first place when choosing shoes. Even better, do it in collaboration with your bridesmaids.

Here are some of the best rules for brides to know before picking bridesmaid’s shoes.

Plan, Research, and Consult

There are endless choices when it comes to bridesmaid shoes. Open toe, sparkly, metallic, modern, or classic – you can easily get lost. Finding shoes that suit all styles, tastes, sizes, and ages can be a pretty hard thing to do. That is why you need to plan, research, and consult with your bridesmaids.

Organize Try Session

With all your bridesmaids together, you will get a feeling which shoes fit them all the best. Try session is crucial for buying the right bridesmaid shoes. This will help you choose the color, model, and think about the style that matches with all your bridesmaids.

Color and Material of the Shoes

When it comes to color and material of bridesmaids shoes, you can match them with the theme of your wedding and the dresses.

Brides usually go with nude, metallic or black color for their bridesmaids. These shades are complement many others so you can be sure they will match with your dress. Nude and black sandals are sophisticated and timeless, while metallic will provide your bridesmaids with the ‘cool’ vibe.

Pick leather or suede, if possible. They will be the most pleasant for your feet. Also, your bridesmaids will be able to wear them afterward.

Comfort aka Height of the Heel

Comfort is the key when choosing your bridesmaid shoes. Just think – they will run around the whole day, being there for you, and the last they need are dizzily high heels and hurting feet. That is why you should opt for wedges, kitten or block heels, and even flats instead of stilettos. Your friends will thank you at the end of the day.

Think About the Price

You shouldn’t spend a fortune when buying bridesmaid’s attires. This applies to dresses as well. That is why you should always go back to planning and doing research on time so you can even catch a sale or agree with the store to get a better price.

Be Creative

After all, not all shoes need to be the same. If you want, you can mix and match your bridesmaid’s shoes and make things a bit more interesting. So while one bridesmaid has open toe sandals, the other can opt for closed stiletto ones. Be creative and enjoy your big day along with all your friends and family.

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