How to Choose Silhouette of Your Wedding Dress?

Wedding day is one of those once-in-a-lifetime events that stay in your mind forever. A wedding dress, as well as the whole ceremony, is something that you need to plan perfectly, organize everything, and finally enjoy it. Picking the right wedding dress silhouette is not an easy task for most of the women that are getting married. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you through.

A vast selection of wedding gowns can only make you feel more confused and hesitant. In order to look great, you need to find a dress that suits your body shape, as well as your personal style. Remember – don’t ever wear something that you feel uncomfortable in.

Trumpet Wedding Dress Silhouette

Perfect For: petite body type, curvier side silhouette, hourglass figure

Trumpet wedding dress cut is something between a mermaid and A-line cut. However, unlike these two cuts, the trumpet is perfect for those girls with an hourglass figure, side curves, and Petites. A straight-line skirt that flares from knees to the bottom will make you look sophisticated and classy while providing others with an illusion of height. 

Mermaid Wedding Dress Silhouette

Perfect For: hourglass figure, small bust body shape, curvy silhouette

Mermaid wedding gowns are one of the most popular ones that many women try, but only a few end up wearing them. The specific mermaid cut is perfect for women with the desire to show off their curves, hourglass figure as well as small bust shape. The skirt is strictly following your body line with the dramatic flare from the knees to the hems.

A-Line Wedding Dress Silhouette

Perfect For: All body shapes, silhouettes

A-line dress is narrow at the top, closes to the waist while it extends to the hems, following your body shape, but looking loose and elegant. It is a super flattering silhouette that suits everyone. No matter if you opt for embellishments, tulle, or embroidery – everything will look perfect on an A-line dress. This dress can have an open or closed bodice.

Ball Gown Silhouette

Perfect For: pear-shaped body, tall, slim and straight body type, and hourglass figure

If you intend to look like a princess, then don’t hesitate to pick a ball gown wedding dress. The typical look of this kind of attire is a full skirt with a fitted bodice and natural waist. It is great for creating balanced proportions of your body, so tall, pear-shaped, and hourglass body types will look ideally.

Sheath Dress Silhouette

Perfect For: petite, slim silhouettes, tall women

Simple and sophisticated – these are the best words to describe the sheath wedding dress. It is utterly chic, so if you want something really simple yet something that will make a statement, pick this kind of silhouette for your dress. This dress is perfect for all tall and slim women. Petite women will also adore them since they won’t make them look like they have fallen into the dress. Avoid it if you are pear-shaped or with curves.

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