How to Deal with Wedding Dress After Wedding?

For many brides, the wedding dress is the center of their focus for the big day. They choose it thoughtfully and pick the details that will match it. It can take a lot of time, but hey, we all want to look great on our wedding day. The question here is – what to do with the dress after the ceremony? Should you turn it back, donate, or keep it? You can do all that. Therefore we have found some things that can be interesting as well – wear it again, turn it into something else, clean or preserve it.

Turn it Back

While some women prefer to buy their wedding gowns and to keep them forever in their closets, others like to rent it and turn it back when the ceremony is over. This is a great way to save some money since renting is cheaper than buying a dress. Also, consider this as a great way to clean your closet of big and unnecessary items.

Transforming the Dress

Feeling creative? Transform your wedding dress into an evening gown! If your dress is made of lace, silk or satin, you can cut it or make it look more casual, aka reuse it. Wear it later on for different kinds of events. This is a great way of showing off how creative you are and to create your brand new cocktail dress.

Donate it to Charity

Many organizations all over the world are accepting wedding dresses and forward them to the women that are not able to buy the one on their own. By donating your dress you can make someone else’s dream turn into reality. So pick the organization you think is the best and make someone’s day!

Keep the Dress

Some women like to buy their wedding dresses in order to keep them forever in their wardrobe. But, before deciding that consult with the tag or special wedding consultant about preserving it. You should put it into a special acid-free bag that will keep the material in a good condition, and take it for cleaning once in a while.

Sell It

If you are feeling like you have spent too much money on your dress, then try to sell it. There is nothing bad about doing that. You can sell it to a second-hand shop or simply offer it to some of your friends.

Symbolically Trash it

‘Trash the dress’ mantra became very popular among women. While wedding dresses are so romantic there are many creative ways for you to trash it. You can jump into the ocean, lake or river – if you don’t have these things near you can do that in a creek or a fountain. Otherwise, you can throw paint over it and be creative, pour red wine all over it or jump into mud. Always make sure to take photos – these memories will always make you laugh. You can also ask your partner to join you.

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