How to Realize a Beach Wedding?

Are you having a beach wedding on your mind? Well, that is not a bad idea at all! Your family and friends will surely be delighted to attend. While the beach wedding looks fantastic, there are some things you need to pay attention to when planning it.

Beach weddings are memorable and can be planned as a full experience for both you and your guests. You can think about having a weekend getaway on the coast, but always think in advance and prepare everything.

Here are some of the things wedding planners advise us to do if we want an impeccable wedding at the beach.

Wedding Location

When you say a beach wedding, the first thing coming to your mind is probably a cliff with a wonderful view. And that is totally fine. However, there are many other ways you can plan and pick your beach venue. From resorts to the private beach – consider all these things when talking to your partner about it.

Hotels in the Area

Some couples want to organize a full getaway experience for their guests. This means that your wedding can last more than a day. Weekends on the coasts are a great idea, but be careful. Hotels are booked most of the time, so make sure to check them out on time.

Ceremony Props

It would be best if you learned more about the ceremony venue before the day of the wedding. If it is a rocky terrain, provide your guests with flip flops. You surely don’t want women in heels complaining about it! Homemade lemonade or mojitos will be a great refreshment on a hot summer day. Make a place for a basket where you will put a sunscreen, fans, cozy blankets, and many more props that will make your guests feel perfect.

Wedding Time

Beach wedding automatically means you will have to deal with a high temperature. So afternoon heat shouldn’t be your first choice. It can be hard for some of your guests to stand long under a burning sun. Instead, opt for an evening or morning ceremony. You can even catch the sea breeze in a morning, which will look fantastic in photos!

Pro Photographer

Everybody loves to look back at photos from their wedding day. When it comes to beach weddings, try to find a pro photographer who has done this type of wedding before. He or she should be familiar with the lightings, sea reflexion, and everything that can ruin or make your photos look not in the way you wanted.

Bride and Groom Attires

When it comes to a wedding at the beach, brides don’t usually pick a gown or dress with a train that can possibly be ruined. Instead, opt for something bohemian and lightweight. Linen or cotton are materials you should definitely pick.

Groom should also pick a suit that is in a light color, made of soft, organic materials.

Beach Decor

It might be the best idea to hire a wedding planner to do the decor for you. Pick the flowers you want, props, and other things, and let the professionals do the work. We suggest going with palm leaves, seashells, nautical ropes, and sea glass.

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