Inspirations of Invitation Card Design

All couples want to have unique wedding invitation card design. Sometimes it requires a full dedication – researching, finding some inspiration online, and in the end, deciding which one you would like to have.

Wedding cards are a great to sneak peek into your big day. They can reveal not only a date but also the theme of the wedding. They provide you to express yourself, pick the font, and send a message to all your guests that D-day is close!

While they can be made in different shapes, with round or sharp edges, and written with various font styles, it is on you to pick the right ones. Consult with your partner about it, let them complement the theme of the wedding, and after all, let them be unique. If you are in a lack of inspiration, don’t worry. We have gathered some of the best wedding invitation cards for you to check out.

Origami-Inspired Cards

The origami technique is simply beautiful. While the classic cards are great, let your guests be surprised by sending them a small box with an origami wedding card invitation inside. The shape and the black color will attract everyone’s attention. You should opt for basic shades – black and gold combination is our suggestion.

Neon Fonts

Some couples love classic gold lettering, while others want to try something modern and new. Neon is not only a fashion trend – it has found its way to the wedding invitation card industry as well. Cards with sharp edges, interesting design, and neon fonts will match perfectly with industrial or modern wedding themes.

Minimalistic Wedding Invitation Card

Simple yet right to the point – who, where, and when. Minimalistic cards are usually made of black and white paper, with fewer details and classic bold fonts. Avoid putting too many details. These cards are great for complementing minimalistic and modern wedding themes, as well as newlyweds.

Art Deco Cards

While you have minimalistic cards at one, art deco glamorous invitations stand on the other end. They are completely different, yet very beautiful. If you would like to show how much your wedding will be high-class and elegant, opt for these black and gold invitations.

Movie Inspiration

If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings saga, you will love these invitations cards. On the other hand, you can also opt for some other movie, some of your favorite lines and moments, and try to recreate them on your cards.

Rose Gold and Blush Combo

Rose gold is one of the most popular shades among many girls. However, combination of rose gold and blush look perfect, therefore you can consider it for your wedding invitation card. It might appear too girly, but trust us – it is utterly elegant and stylish.

See-Through Invitations

In the last few years, glass-inspired transparent invitations are very popular. Not a surprise since they are so unique and interesting! Just pick the shape, size, and interesting font and you will surely have one of the best invitation cards ever.

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