Rules That Bridesmaid Needs to Know

Being a bridesmaid is not an easy job, but it is a big honor. The most important thing is to try not to be Annie from the Bridesmaids movie. She forgot to do so many practically unforgivable things. However, with the right organization, tips, and a few rules that every bridesmaid has to know, everything can turn out to be perfect.

When you accept to be bridesmaid, you need to know it comes with great responsibility. You will have to control everything – from the dress to the party.  It is crucial for you to be aware of that – even after you said ‘yes’ screaming along with your bestie.

Here are some rules that you need to follow. Check them out if you want to be a perfect bridesmaid.

Always Be Present

Becoming a bridesmaid comes with the responsibilities that you need to do. For instance, try always to be present when your bride needs you. She might want you to organize a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or even to help with the wedding decor. So, always try to be available for your friend – even just for a talk.

Be Supportive

Wedding planning can be pretty stressful for the bride. That is why you need to provide support as much as you can. No one can guarantee there won’t be problems. So, when your friend calls you in the middle of the night saying her dress is not in the way she imagined – listen and provide her with the support she definitely needs.

Be Friendly

You should get along well with other bridesmaids. That is how this bridesmaid experience will be thoroughly delightful. If you work as a group, you can finish the party organization quicker, help your bride better, and have the time of your life.

Keep Your Promise

Don’t let that ‘yes’ come bite you later. As we have mentioned, with becoming bridesmaid, you need to accept, you will have an extra job to do. Keep your promise, and don’t avoid your duties. In the end, your bride will be thankful and your friendship even stronger.

Be Aware of the Price

If you are tight on a budget, you might want to think about refusing the offer to be a bridesmaid. It is completely fine since bridesmaid duties are expensive. You will have to pay for the dress and the rest of your outfit. Then comes the wedding gift. If you are making a bachelorette party, you will contribute the costs or even organize it by yourself. Be prepared to spend a lot of money.

Accept the Dress

Yes, yes, we know – bridesmaid dresses can be really tricky to pick. There are some details that are typical for them, and not all the girls like it. Therefore it might not be completely your style, but be tactical about it. You need to praise your dress. It is only for a day. Your bride will appreciate it. Please don’t spread the negative energy about it. Enjoy this big day, along with other bridesmaids.

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