Several Wedding Activities for Reference

Wedding ceremonies are fun, but the real question is – how to make them even more interesting for your guests? From a food station, different kinds of games, and fireworks – you can plan a lot of things for your guests to keep them entertained during the wedding reception and ceremony.

Let’s see how to make your guests comment on your wedding day as “The best day ever.” These are some of the ideas you should think about.

Message in the Bottle

Make your guests entertained while waiting for the ceremony to start. You can gather bottles at the side and ask them to leave a message for you. Then you can open them on your anniversary. This is a great way to find out what your friends think about you, yet still to get them amused on your big day.

Crayolas for the Kids

If there are many kids invited to your wedding ceremony, don’t forget to make something fun for them as well. Buy a huge butcher paper and let the kids draw what they want with the colorful Crayolas. This will keep them entertained and quiet while parents can have a drink or two! 


Karaoke Competition

If you like dancing and singing, then you should probably think about having a karaoke competition with your friends and family. This can be a special moment of the wedding day since you will all have extreme fun! Dance, laugh and sing – there is no better cure for the beating of shiness.


Cards, Dices, and Puzzles

These kinds of games are always welcome at every ceremony. When your guests get tired of dancing and singing they can sit at the specially designed table and play a game of cards, do some puzzle or play dices. This can be fun for kids as well.

Photo Booth

The photo booth is certainly one of the best ways to make your guests happy. You can then gather all the photos and enjoy recreating memories together. If you want to make this experience even more interesting make sure you have a video booth as well where your friends can make funny videos. You will enjoy watching them later!


Food Station

Dessert bars, canapes or simply sandwiches on a decorated table is great for your guests, while they are waiting for the ceremony. This will kill some time and make your guest’s stomachs full. If your guests are more into drinking, make sure you have a table with different types of drinks – alcohol, cocktails, or fresh juice.

Watching Fireworks Together

There is no better way to end the evening than to watch big firework together – the newlywed with all friends and family. You should hire special firework organizers that will light up a firework and turn it into an unforgettable experience for all your guests.

Hire a Wedding Painter

You can hire a caricaturist or a painter to draw portraits of your guests. This is an amazing way of making your guests’ memories – they can always look at the drawing on their wall and remember your wedding ceremony.

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