Unique Wedding Decor Ideas

When it comes to decor ideas for a wedding, there are endless lists you can get inspired by. Depending on the theme of the wedding, every couple picks the flowers, aisle setting, and lightning. Every couple tends to be unique, so a lot of them try, along with the wedding planner, to have the most magic decor.

From elegant candelabras to magical ceiling lights – there are so many ways to cause that ‘wow’ effect. We have found some of the best and the most unique wedding decor ideas that you can get inspired by.

Blossom Tree

If you think flowers are overrated, then you should add a blossom tree with a lot of small lights. The tree will add a romantic and fairytale vibe. You should install it at the center of the ballroom if you want all your guests to be amazed by seeing it.

Colorful Lanterns

High ceilings are simply screaming to be decorated. So the question is how to do it most uniquely. We suggest going colorful! Lovely lanterns in the rainbow colors will throw unbelievable shadows on the dance floor. You can also add pom poms and combine lantern with small lights.

Massive Chandelier

Art deco-inspired chandelier is something that you have to consider for your wedding day. If the ceremony takes place in a white tent, try to make it elegant by adding a giant chandelier. It will throw a great white light and be complement with white decoration and floral arrangements.

Giant Flowers Settings

While some couples like minimalistic decoration, others like to have everything oversized. Giant flower settings will definitely attract all your guests and make them take pictures in front of them. They can be used at the altar or as a welcoming signs. Mix and match the flowers as well as the colors for an even bigger surprise.

Star Light Sky

No matter if your wedding is taking place in the day or night, you need to make it perfect. If your wedding starts in the afternoon and will last long through the night, let the ceiling evoke the starlight sky. Twinkling lights will make an impression of an open sky. Your guests will love it!

Beaded Curtains

Ceremony decor will be something your guests will see when they arrive. Attire decorated with beaded curtains will blow your guests’ minds away. They sparkle, they move with the wind and make magical sounds. It would be best if you made a path with all these curtains on both sides.

Feathers Look-Alike Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is a perfect greenery addition for rustic, bohemian, and vintage wedding themes. It looks like feathers, it is whimsical, and perfect for outdoor wedding venues. Combine it with white roses or peonies for great unique wedding decor.


Swings are great for wedding photoshoot, but you should also consider putting it as a part of your wedding decoration. It allows you to take a break or to be romantic with your partner while other guests can also sit and take photos.

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