Why Do People Love Winter Wedding?

With Christmas, snowy weather, and winter season approaching fast, many couples start to think about having a winter wedding. We know – it is challenging, not so often seen, and maybe a bit harder to organize, but trust us, the results are amazing.

And while you can still check the availability for spring and summer wedding venues, these are the reasons that we are loving winter weddings. If you are still thinking about getting married in snowy weather, check out our list.

Always Indoors

You can avoid stressful situations by thinking about the venue. In wintertime, all wedding celebrations are held inside. So, no risk of rain, wind, or extreme temperatures. Nothing can ruin your big day. Your guests will enjoy a warm ballroom, while they watch outside snowing.

Better Rates and Venues Availability

Unlike the spring, summer, and fall months, when all venues are already booked for a year in advance, in winter, the situation is different. You can make a better rate and find more places around. Even if winter is not your favorite time of the year, the fact is that you can have any venue you want.

It is Unexpected and Unique

For all those couples seeking something special and a unique winter wedding can be the right choice. Most people don’t expect to be invited for a winter wedding, so the element of a surprise will make them so impatient. They will look forward to your wedding, snowy weather, and decor.

Winter Decoration

The thing about winter decor is that it is mostly free or much cheaper than anything else. You can find everything if you just take a look in your backyard. Pinetree, red berries, and other greenery can make your venue look special, and the good thing is you don’t have to spend a fortune having it. When it comes to photoshoot decoration, it will be just enough to step outside on snowy ground and smile.

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Hot Drinks and Comfort Food for Guests

Is there anything better than a hot drink on a cold winter evening? Provide your guests with hot chocolate, cocktails, and teas so they can feel cozy at the wedding reception. If you opt for an outdoor reception, don’t hesitate to decorate a table with comforting food and nice winter drinks.

Gorgeous Photos

Winter wonderland is something that we all try to catch with our cameras and share it with our friends. If you opt for a winter wedding, you will have many photos to share! The fairytale background, your partner, and you – should we add something more? You will look like a real Disney couple!

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/176695985367513066/

Several Fashion Options

In summer you wear short-sleeved dresses, while in spring you should opt for something with long sleeves. For winter weddings you can absolutely stop thinking about that. Since your wedding venue will take place indoors, it will be warm enough for you to choose several options – short or long sleeves it doesn’t matter. You can also pick different materials to compliment your wedding style.

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